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May 2015

Join us next month at 'Engaging Families – Changing Lives!'

This is my personal invitation to each of you to join Samantha and me at the FCO conference in June.

June is Seniors’ Month in Ontario and every year during this very important month Family Council Week is held. This year it is June 6th-12th. During Family Council Week, Family Councils across the province celebrate the large contributions they make as caregivers to Ontarians living in Long-Term Care.

Everything's great! I know who to talk to about a concern, so why do we need a Family Council?

Getting a Family Council started and recruiting new people are common challenges across LTC Homes in Ontario.

Sometimes the challenge has to do with finding people who are willing and able to take on a leadership position on the Council. Other times it's a matter of building a team of people with the right skills and perspectives that will enable the group to build consensus and carry out projects successfully.