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January 2018

Making good meetings: Follow-up for success

Man typing on laptopIn this week’s post, the last in our Making Good Meetings series, we’re going to wrap up the series by discussing meeting follow-up. Meeting follow-up is an important consideration as the best planned, executed, and facilitated meetings can still fall short of goals and expectations if you don’t follow-up appropriately. These ideas are our tips for appropriate and effective meeting follow-up.


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Making good meetings: The importance of fun is often overlooked

Dog wearing disguise. Photo by Braydon Anderson on Unsplash.We are often asked: “how we can get more families to attend our meetings?” My answer is always the same: if the meeting isn’t fun then no one looks forward to attending and membership will dwindle very fast. It is important to balance the serious side of meetings with time that is enjoyable and fun. Each Council member has a story about caregiving.