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ConnexMatch: Helping families seek care for seniors

August 24, 2020

Guest Blog Submission by ConnexMatch, subsidiary of ConnexHealth Inc.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has created significant challenges for communities across Canada, perhaps none have been more grave then those faced by our seniors.  An article printed in the Journal of Clinical Nursing states, “The acknowledgment of social isolation and loneliness of older people is essential and paramount due to the detrimental impact on their physical and mental health, which has been recognized for over two decades. Social isolation and loneliness increases older people’s risk of anxiety, depression, cognitive dysfunction, heart disease, and mortality”. (Brooke and Jackson

ConnexMatch, subsidiary of ConnexHealth Inc. helps families seeking care for seniors find professional care providers in a safe and reliable platform.  At ConnexMatch, we have assembled a team of dedicated health professionals including Behavioural Analysts, Therapists, Personal Support Workers (PSWs), Nurses, Physiotherapists and many others to provide private care services.  To ensure our clients’ peace of mind, all our highly qualified ConnexMatch health care professionals are pre-screened and fully insured.  Using our web portal, clients and their family members can view healthcare provider profiles and find the professional that meets their particular needs. In accordance with current social distancing requirements, our affordable services can be delivered to clients both in person or virtually. At ConnectMatch, there are no hidden fees or overhead costs and all transactions are processed directly through our secure portal, which helps to make our services affordable. 

ConnexMatch, recently expanded its range of services to include a Mental Health team to support the needs of the community further, not only in caregivers who are supporting seniors, but also to provide services to children and their families with developmental disabilities.  In this area we now offer a broad range of services including caregiver education and virtual support to individuals on a secure online platform.  The same connection process works across the board for ConnexHealth Inc. in that the caregiver selects the appropriate professional based on their profile on the platform. 

Our virtual platform allows family members to match the needs of their loved one with the Personal Support professional that has not only the experiential capacities required but also the social connectedness that our senior’s quite often crave.  At ConnexMatch, we have had 95% of families that have considered our services to be highly effective based on the following measures:  reliability, affordability and quality of service.  This high rate of social validity is quite often lacking in traditional matches made through random selection in other companies who may provide a PSW exclusive of a platform for caregiver selection. 

Medha Saraiya is a dedicated Registered Practical Nurse with a decade of successful experience in healthcare settings including hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes and the broader community (Home Healthcare), some in leading management roles.  As the founder and CEO of ConnexHealth Inc., she is a strong believer in the power of effective connections and client focused Healthcare.  ConnexHealth Inc. is a technology company dedicated to bridging gaps within the healthcare system.  We aim to limit social isolation and loneliness of the seniors, caregivers and individuals with special needs with its services while providing a platform to protect their physical and mental vulnerabilities. 

To learn more about our services, contact us at info@ConnexMatch,ca or 416-424-6633 or 1-833-545-7211