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Envisioning a Bright Fall: Family Council Vision Statements

September 06, 2017

September is a lot like a new year for many folks. The turn of the season evokes thoughts of change and what’s to come. Many people like to take the opportunity to reflect on what has happened so far and ponder the future. September is an opportunity to take stock and envision the days, weeks, months and even years to come. At FCO, we’re envisioning a bright fall ahead, full of learning and sharing!

This September, we’re going to focus on Family Council visions and how a well-developed vision statement can help you achieve your goals and support your success. While not all Councils have a vision statement, taking the time to craft one can be helpful in providing a framework for how you work together and what you choose to pursue as a group.

So, what is a vision statement? Simply put, a vision statement describes your Council’s future desired position or state1. A vision statement may also describe the change you want to affect in a given community or society at large2. Vision statements are used to guide your thinking and decision making, inspire group members, and define what you’re working towards1. A well-crafted vision statement explains your group’s foundation and core purpose2. As an example, FCO’s vision is that “people in Long-Term Care have a vibrant experience and the best care3.” As an organization, we use this statement to keep us on track. Whenever we consider a new project, initiative or event, we refer to our vision statement to determine if the proposed activity will help to realize that vision. Our vision statement is essential in helping us achieve our desired future. Your Council’s vision statement can do the same for your group.

Throughout this month, FCO’s posts will focus on Family Council vision statements. Stay tuned for more information on the purpose, role, and features of vision statements!