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Mindfulness & Goal Setting for the New Season Ahead

September 10, 2019

Written by Tiffany Fearon

The end of summer vacation signifies a new start for many. It may include starting a new grade, a new job, a new semester, and so much more. For some, the month of September may entail returning to “regularly scheduled programming” when it comes to ongoing routines.  Coping with the hustle and bustle of our daily lives can get tough; it’s easy to get wrapped up and forget about the goals we conjured up during the summer holidays. For that very reason, September is a fantastic month to strategize how we recalibrate and structure our responsibilities and daily activities. Being mindful can help us achieve our goals.

Being mindful in every aspect of our day can be difficult. We might forget to grab our pre-packaged lunch or even lock the door before leaving home. In the same vein, we can forget to be mindful when we think of the ways we fulfil our roles on Family Councils. We may plan to check in and meet up with members of our respective Family Councils throughout the summer but as the old story goes – things happen!  As many Councils take time off from their ongoing projects in the summer, it can be difficult to get back into the swing of things at the start of the month.  There are various ways to get your Family Council back in action and ready to take on a new season; with a bit of mindfulness and goal setting it’s possible. Take a look at the useful tips below to help your Family Council start strong.

Add a roundtable discussion to your meetings’ agenda: We’re sure everyone had many experiences over the summer that they would like to share.  Setting aside time to openly share with one another on a personal level is great way to practice peer support!

Welcome new members: As we said, September is definitely a month for new beginnings. Family Councils might experience an influx of new members. Be sure to welcome and inform new members about your group. Create a positive and supportive environment from the start

Review your Terms of Reference: Take time to comb through your Terms of Reference and Code of Conduct. Keeping things up to date is a great practice for organization and structure.

Host an information night or open house: There’s a chance your Family Council may have missed out on meeting new residents that have entered the home during the summer months. September is a great month to plan a welcome event to provide information to new residents and their families on Family Councils

State goals and create timelines: Make an effort to review and discuss the mission of your Family Council. It may be time to outline new goals such as planning an event or implementing an activity. Having an open forum about starting or improving new projects and creating realistic timelines is a great recipe for success.

Review Family Council membership expectations with mindfulness: It is imperative to be mindful when planning with your Family Council. Some members may have less or more time than others to contribute. By discussing personal preferences and schedules ahead of time, Family Councils can plan effectively and efficiently around their members unique circumstances.

Time to hit the ground running – ready, set, go!

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