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Reflecting on the history of Family Council Week!

May 24, 2017

With Family Council Week 2017 just around the corner (June 3rd to 9th), let’s reflect on the history of Family Council Week! The first celebration, then marked as Family Council Week, began eight years ago in 2010. Family Council Week was launched to celebrate and raise awareness of the large contribution Family Councils make to the health care system in Ontario through their work in Long-Term Care. We wanted to let everyone know of the hard work and dedication that volunteers all across the province are making towards helping residents and families live well in Long-Term Care Homes. This year, the theme for our celebration is 'Changing the Way We Care: Innovation & Transformation.' We hope you’ll use this theme to mark the week with us this year!

Family Councils across the province have celebrated with us in many ways over the years. Some have planned a large event, while others made a simple gesture to mark this special day. Even something as simple as having each Family Council member tell one other person about Family Councils helps to celebrate the hard work and dedication of Family Councils across Ontario. Past Family Council celebrations have included:

  • Allendale Family BBQ
  • Staff Appreciation Day at Leisureworld North Bay
  • Riverview Gardens in Chatham-Kent Penny Sale
  • Aspen Lake LTC Family Council Day Expo
  • Sheridan Villa Family Council Week BBQ
  • St. Joseph’s at Fleming local mall exhibit on Long-Term Care
  • Nithview Family Nights and Family Hymn Sings
  • North Lambton Lodge Family Council Week Open House
  • And much more!

Each Council will celebrate this year’s event in a different manner. Our vision for the theme is that it encompasses all of the innovative ways that Councils and LTC Homes are working to improve the resident and family experience in LTC. For example, a Council may hold a social event and discuss how they are using technology and new approaches to increase the reach of their work (e.g. virtual Council meetings, members-at-large connected through email); Homes may hold an education session on how new technology is changing how PSWs provide snack options on the floor; a Council may launch an iPod program at the Home; a LTC Home Administrator may launch a Tea with Admin program to increase connections with residents' families; Council may hold a new type of Staff Appreciation event etc... Homes and Councils across the province are innovating in small and large ways and the theme is meant to include all of those transformations and innovations!

To mark Family Council Week, FCO is holding our biennial conference on June 14th and 15th in Toronto. The Changing the Way We Care: Innovation & Transformation conference will include sessions on recent research into leading Family Council practices, how Councils can use technology to improve their work, updates in family engagement in the LTC sector, and more. Join us there as we celebrate Family Council Week! For more details, visit the conference page:

We hope to see you there!