Networking 101

The strength of a Council is its ability to bring together people from different walks of life who share the common experience of having a loved one live in long-term care. It is through sharing experiences, challenges, successes, and ideas that we can create strong peer connections, learn, and create change within a local long-term care home and beyond. Networking with other Councils is a way to expand your group’s connections, learn from others, and work on shared issues. It is one way to further build your Council’s strengths!

Family Council Networking can take a variety of forms. You can use the Family Council listing to find Councils in your area and get in touch via email. You can host or attend a networking meeting where Councils within a particular community or region gather together, giving members an opportunity to meet other Family Councils, learn, share experiences, and create partnerships.

Some Family Council members have taken leadership in their communities or their Local Health Integrated Network (LHIN) by organizing networking meetings on an ongoing basis. These meetings can create a regional network of Family Councils that work together to promote Family Councils in their region. Some Family Councils invite Councils from long-term care homes in their town or City and create a local, community based support network or ‘cluster’ of Councils.

If you are interested in hosting a networking meeting, download our networking meeting checklist and contact us for help.