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Communication updates

June 5 2020: COVID-19 Update: Family Council Week starts tomorrow!

June 4 2020: COVID-19 Update: Register for our Virtual Family Council week sessions!

June 3 2020: FCO June 2020 eBulletin & COVID-19 Updates

June 2 2020: COVID-19 Update: race in healthcare, Patient Ombudsman investigation & Indigenous History Month

June 1 2020: COVID-19 update: Ontario Ombudsman to investigate government’s oversight of long-term care homes during pandemic

May 29 2020: COVID-19 Update: Ontario Government Takes Further Action to Protect Seniors and Staff

May 28 2020: COVID-19 Update: Ideas on reopening long-term care homes to families

May 27 2020: COVID-19 Update: FCO response to Canadian Armed Forces Report

May 26 2020: COVID-19: Important updates from government

May 25 2020: COVID-19 update: upcoming webinars from the Green House Project

May 22 2020: COVID-19 Update: CMOH Updated Directive #3

May 21 2020: COVID-19 Update: Status of cases in Ontario

May 20 2020: COVID-19 Update: Status of cases in Ontario

May 19 2020: COVID-19 Update: Ontario Announces Independent Commission into Long-Term Care

May 15 2020: COVID-19 Update: Bright lights in dark times

May 14 2020: COVID-19 Update: planning for the new normal of visiting LTC homes

May 13 2020: COVID-19 Update: Open letter from Minister Fullerton

May 11 2020: COVID-19 update: new tool to help you stay safe while distance visiting a long-term care home

May 8 2020: COVID-19 update: Managing Resident Death in Long-Term Care Homes

May 6 2020: COVID-19 Update: Answers to questions from Courageously Living webinar

May 5 2020: COVID-19 update: New mental health & wellness tool

May 4 2020: COVID-19 update: New government memos & FAQ documents

May 1 2020: COVID-19 update: NEW government memos & FAQ documents

April 30 2020: COVID-19 Update: Courageously Living Together webinar recording

April 29 2020: COVID-19 update: NIA launches COVID-19 Long-Term Care Tracking Map

April 28 2020: COVID-19 Update: A video message from our Executive Director

April 27 2020: COVID-19 Update: Temporary wage increase for PSWs!

April 24 2020: COVID-19 Update: Best Buy and Google Social Connection Initiative

April 23 2020: COVID-19 Update: Webinar Outcomes – Answers to Your Questions

April 22 2020: COVID-19 Update: Breaking news from provincial government

April 21 2020: COVID-19 Update: Modelling Data and Updates from the Provincial Government

April 20 2020: COVID-19 update: positive stories in dark times

April 17 2020: COVID-19 Update: upcoming Virtual Visits toolkit tech support webinar

April 16 2020: COVID-19 Update: new Directives from government

April 15 2020: COVID-19 Update: New Emergency Order Regarding Staff Working at Multiple Sites

April 14 2020: COVID-19 Update: status in Ontario

April 13 2020: COVID-19 Update: new FAQs from the Ministry of LTC

April 9 2020: COVID-19 Update: latest directive from the Chief Medical Officer of Health & new communication resources

April 8 2020: COVID-19 Update: Update on status in Ontario & Virtual Visits Toolkit webinar

April 7 2020: UPDATED STATUS NUMBERS: COVID-19 Update: status of cases in Ontario

April 6 2020: FCO April 2020 eBulletin & COVID-19 Updates

April 3 2020: COVID-19 Update: latest news and info

April 2 2020: New webinar COVID-19 webinar from FCO & OARC

April 1 2020: COVID-19 update: NEW Virtual Visits Toolkit

March 31 2020: COVID-19 update: latest Directive for Long Term Care Homes

March 30 2020: Joint letter on critical issue of care and protection of long-term care residents in Ontario and the dedicated staff who look after them

March 30 2020: Emergency Order for LTC Homes & new Family Support Action Line

March 27 2020: Changes to long-term care home admissions and discharge during the COVID-19 pandemic

March 25 2020: Status of cases in Ontario

March 24 2020: Emergency order for LTC staffing flexibility

March 23 2020: Join our Virtual Family Forum for information and support

March 20 2020: A Joint Bulletin from Family Councils Ontario and Ontario Association of Residents’ Councils: ways to maintain connection during visitor restrictions

March 19 2020: Emergency funding for long-term care

March 17 2020: Ontario Enacts Declaration of Emergency to Protect the Public

March 16 2020: A Joint Statement from Family Councils Ontario and Ontario Association of Residents’ Councils

March 14 2020: Visitors Now Restricted in Long-Term Care

March 11 2020: Staying safe during COVID-19