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Digital Success Toolkit -- Virtual FC Meetings

COVID-19 has disrupted the ways Family Councils connect and meet. Without being able to meet in person, many Councils have already or will turn to digital tools to run meetings and collaborate.

Together with Tech Coaches Canada, FCO has developed a Digital Success Toolkit that will enable your Council to run virtual meetings, collaborate using online tools, and successfully facilitate in a virtual environment. Whether your Council is looking to start using online tools to meet and collaborate or you're already doing so and want to improve your processes and practices, we have tools for you!

Start with the handbook and then download and review the tools you need. You can also download the print materials via Google Drive.

Thank you to Tech Coaches Canada for creating the Digital Success Handbook and technology tools!


FCO Digital Success Handbook

This handbook was designed to provide any Family Council with the instructions and guidance needed to set up a complete virtual meeting option for Council members. Download it here.


Archived webinar

Leveraging Technology to Stay Connected: Virtual Meetings Toolkit is an recording of the webinar held to discuss why Councils should plan to hold virtual meetings & collaborate online and how the toolkit can help you succeed in a virtual environment. Watch it here.

Technology tools

Skype & Microsoft Tools

Skype - Create Account

Skype - Join a Meeting via Email Invitation

Skype - Launch a Skype Call 

Skype - Meeting Controls

Skype - Install on Windows 10

Skype - Install App on a Mobile Device

Microsoft Outlook - Create Account 

Microsoft Outlook - Add Contacts

Microsoft Outlook - Create Contact List

Microsoft Outlook - Create a Calendar Event

Microsoft Outlook - Send Email with Attachment

Microsoft Outlook - Organize with Folders

Microsoft OneDrive - Create Folders and Manage Files

Microsoft OneDrive - Share Online Folders and Files

Microsoft OneDrive - Install the App on a Mobile Device

Microsoft Word Online - Edit and Comment on a Shared Document

Microsoft Word Online - Create a Document


Skype Videos

How to Install and Use Skype on Windows 10
How to Create and Use an Outlook Email Account on Windows 10
How to Navigate an Outlook Inbox and Calendar on Windows 10
How to Access OneDrive and Microsoft Office Online on Windows 10


Zoom tools

Zoom - Create Account 

Zoom - Schedule Meeting

Zoom - Host a Scheduled Meeting

Zoom - Join Meeting via Email

Zoom - Host Meeting Control

Zoom - Attendees Meeting Controls

Zoom - Install App Apple

Zoom - Install App Windows 10 

Zoom - Install App on a Mobile Device


Facilitation tools

Your Guide to Facilitating Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meeting Preparation Checklist

Quick guide: virtual meeting facilitation best practices