Digital Success Toolkit

COVID-19 has disrupted the ways Family Councils connect and meet. Without being able to meet in person, many Councils have already or will turn to digital tools to run meetings and collaborate.

Together with Tech Coaches Canada, FCO has developed a Digital Success Toolkit that will enable your Council to run virtual meetings, collaborate using online tools, and successfully facilitate in a virtual environment. Whether your Council is looking to start using online tools to meet and collaborate or you're already doing so and want to improve your processes and practices, we have tools for you!

Start with the handbook and then download and review the tools you need. You can also download the print materials via Google Drive.

Thank you to Tech Coaches Canada for creating the Digital Success Handbook and technology tools!

Digital Success Handbook

This handbook was designed to provide any Family Council with the instructions and guidance needed to set up a completely virtual meeting option for Council members. Download it here.

Archived webinar

Leveraging Technology to Stay Connected: Virtual Meetings Toolkit is a recording of the webinar held to discuss why Councils should plan to hold virtual meetings & collaborate online and how the toolkit can help you succeed in a virtual environment.

Watch it here.

Technology tools

Virtual Visits Toolkit

Virtual Visits Toolkit

Helping people use technology to see and connect with their families during the COVID-19 pandemic is absolutely critical. Never before have residents in long-term care and retirement communities felt more isolated and removed from normal life. The mental and emotional well-being of many is at stake.

This toolkit has been developed to help any long-term care or retirement residence team to take on the task of setting up scheduled video calls between residents and their loved ones. The content was prepared by Family Councils Ontario, the Ontario Association of Residents’ Councils, and Tech Coaches Inc. as part of a collaborative partnership rooted in crisis resolution. They were actively informed by frontline examples of video calling initiatives that have launched with success since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

This toolkit will provide you with the information and support you need to start a Virtual Visits program at your home. The toolkit contains information on what's needed to organize video calls, common barriers and solutions, FAQs, promising practices, a suggested implementation schedule, and contact information for Tech Coaches Canada, the Ontario Association of Residents' Councils, and FCO. We're here to help you develop and deliver a Virtual Visits program so please get in touch with us for support.