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Family Council Education

Family Council education is one of the primary activities of Family Councils Ontario. Providing educational materials and sessions to Family Council members and long-term care home staff builds the capacity of Family Council members to engage in strong and effective partnerships with long-term care homes and enhance the quality of life for residents.

Family Councils Ontario provides Family Councils with a wide range of information. Our Family Council Handbook “Your Guide to Starting and Maintaining a Family Council” is a rich resource of information and best practices for Councils. Supplements to this handbook are available on a wide variety of topics and can be found in the Resources section. We offer a variety of presentations and workshops to support Family Councils.

We also offer educational sessions throughout the year. These sessions are open to all Family Council members and long-term care staff often join these meetings (as space permits with preference for registration given to Family Council members). These sessions include a wide variety of subjects to keep families informed and are often a response to emerging issues and trends. Recent events have included a presentation on the Ministry of Health’s Abuse Decision Trees, a discussion on capacity and consent, and a presentation on Residents First.

Family Councils Ontario also connects with community and government organizations to facilitate knowledge exchange through the development of educational materials and the sharing of information. Visit the Resources or Updates and Events sections to learn more.