Fall Conference 2021: Finding Your Voice

Thank you for joining us in November 2021 for Family Councils Ontario's second ever virtual conference. The theme of the conference was Finding Your Voice and we did so by inviting LTC residents, their loved ones and caregivers, LTC staff and sector professionals to come together for three days of learning, networking, and compassion!

Below you will find recordings of each day's sessions, along with the agenda of what was covered that day. Each recording is bookmarked to help you find the sessions you're looking for.

Day 2

Opening Remarks: Minister's Address

Keynote Address: Dr. Ashley Flanagan

Plenary: Laura Petta

Family Council Skill Building with the DIERAC

Closing Keynote: Sam Peck

Day 3

Opening Remarks: Jeff Butler, Assistant Deputy Minister MTLC

Keynote Address: Amy Coupal & Alison Kilbourn

Plenary: David Donaldson

Family Council Skill Building with FCO Field Placement Students

Closing Keynote: Family Caregiver Fireside Chat