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Literacy in Long-Term Care Digital Library Project Update

Project status:

As of February 1st, 3 project site Family Councils have been selected. Burloak Long Term Care Centre (Burlington), Apotex Jewish Home for the Aged (Toronto), and St. Peter's Residence at Chedoke (Hamilton) will be participating in the project!

Phase 2 of the Call for Applications is now underway. If your Council is interested in located in the Greater Toronto/Hamilton area (GTHA) and is participating in the project, please review the Project Application. Then, email to arrange a telephone interview!

Literacy in Long-Term Care Digital Library Project

In partnership with Kobo and ETAG, Family Councils Ontario has launched a Digital Library Project for select Long-Term Care Homes in the Greater Toronto Area! This project will involve five Family Councils who will create digital libraries using eReaders and eBooks at their Long-Term Care Home.

With Family Council members acting as librarians to manage the digital libraries, this project will allow residents, family members, volunteers and visitors to check out an eReader and read on their own (a resident), or be read to or with (by a family member, volunteer, visitor). The availability of eReaders will increase the number of LTC residents and families reading in Long-Term Care, thereby increasing the many health and wellness benefits associated with reading. Let’s celebrate reading together!

Along with eReaders and gift cards generously donated by Kobo and workshops on Using Kobo eReaders to Facilitate Reading Programs delivered by ETAG, FCO will be supporting participating Councils throughout the project. We’ll be providing Family Councils with support to establish and manage the libraries, resources and materials to support the project, and ongoing encouragement to promote literacy in Long-Term Care.

We sincerely thank Kobo for their enthusiastic support and generous donation for this project! Visit Kobo online at

For more information on the project technology training partner, visit ETAG online at