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Supporting Families Research Project

Caregivers face complex and unique challenges when placing and supporting a loved one in care. How have you been supported through this journey?

Family Councils Ontario is launching a new project to examine the role and scope of support services in Long Term Care. Our goal is to understand how families are being supported and to explore ways we can improve these services.

This is a collaborative and knowledge sharing project. We hope to work with both families and service providers to gain a deeper understanding of services and to foster positive change.  

If you are interested in sharing your experiences, insights and suggestions please fill out the corresponding survey below.  Both caregivers/family members and service providers (social workers and social service workers) are welcome to fill out a survey.

Simply click on the link for the survey category to which you belong. 
For Families:
For Service Providers:
For any questions please contact Olivia Saric
T: 647-427-5551 ext. 21
Toll Free: 877-622-9968

Thank you for your time and interest in this project.