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Survey: Share your thoughts on customer service in long-term care

Survey: Share your thoughts on customer service in long-term care

As consumers, we expect excellent customer service from the businesses with which we interact. We all have stories of when we are treated badly by service providers and we often share more of those stories than when we have great experiences (for example: calling the bank, returning a defective purchase, having the car fixed, getting a good haircut). One good or bad experience can shape the entire relationship between consumer and service provider- and result in major and long-lasting implications for an organization.

Delivering great customer service can be a challenge in any sector, but in healthcare there are added challenges. People receiving healthcare- residents, patients, caregivers- may be vulnerable, have complex needs, or may not want to be customers at all. In long-term care, we as family caregivers are more often than not the customers arranging care on behalf of our loved ones. Customer service- also referred to as patient satisfaction or the patient experience- can have a great impact on our experiences as healthcare consumers.

So what does customer service mean in the long-term care (LTC) setting? What does good- or great- customer service look like in long-term care? Help FCO gather the information to help us answer these questions by sharing your thoughts in our survey. The results of this survey will inform our work on customer service in long-term care throughout 2019.

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Surveys close March 8 2019