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Donate online or send a cheque payable to Family Councils Ontario.

Mailing address:

306-40 St Clair Avenue East, Toronto ON M4T 1M9

Why donate monthly?

It’s easy! There are no checks to mail and no monthly reminders needed. Contributions are automatic.
It’s flexible!
You choose the amount that you would like to give each month. You can increase, decrease, pause, or cancel at any time.
It’s affordable!
Monthly giving allows you to spread the financial impact of your giving across the entire year.
It’s impactful!
Monthly giving means lower administrative costs for us, so we can do more with your donation. Additionally, having a regular income allows us to put even more focus on the long-term approach and achieve more each year.
....and it’s got perks!
At the end of the year you will receive a donation report for
tax receipting purposes. FCO offers all of our friends the following additional perks
as well:

  • Discounted admission to all paid events
  • Discounts on FCO merchandise
  • Quarterly impact reports to find out how far your dollars have gone!

How will my donation be used?

With your support, Family Councils Ontario is able to go above and beyond what we are funded to do. In recent years this has included:

  • Cohosting regular Expressive Writing for Caregivers workshops with the Writer's Collective of Canada to help caregivers navigate, cope with, and recover from the ongoing pandemic situation
  • Providing guidance to families on new technology, virtual meetings, and best practices
  • Producing bi-weekly ebulletins in both online and printable format to support family councils and the sector with timely updates and important information

We would not be able to continue this incredibly important work without the support of our Friends of FCO!