The Aging Body

Presented by Dementia Care Education

As the body ages, there are some expected changes and some surprises that if not addressed can lead to abnormal aging and a fast track to premature illness and death. Because aging impacts each system in the body it’s important to understand the science of the aging body and apply the current research and compensatory strategies to ensure successful aging for you, your loved ones, and those you care for. Learn the research and the strategies to maintain a functional body that lasts.


Brian Browne is the president of Cognitive Care Management and the founder of Dementia Care Education and is a Research Consultant to the Cleveland Clinic. He brings over 25 years of experience as an expert in Alzheimer's/dementia research, healthy aging, cognitive health, and cultural competency.

Mr. Browne is a noted public speaker and a frequent lecturer at meetings and conferences regionally and nationally. Mr. Browne has been featured by many media outlets and produces regular content for various Alzheimer’s publications. His research interests include examining the role of modifiable risk factors and lifestyle intervention to prevent cognitive decline in dementia.