Updated Long-Term Care Sector Surveillance Testing Strategy


The Ministry of Long-Term Care is updating guidance on surveillance testing in the long-term care home sector and will provide further direction on testing over the coming days to support long-term care homes to enhance efficiency and convenience for staff and homes.

Highlights from this updated guidance include:

  • Testing guidelines for staff, essential caregivers and support workers in LTC will be changing for public health unit regions in Orange-Restrict, Red-Control and Lockdown levels.
  • Testing will continue every two weeks for staff, volunteers, caregivers and visitors for LTC homes in public health unit regions at the Green-Prevent and Yellow-Protect levels.

Starting next week:

  • Staff, essential caregivers and support workers who provide direct care to residents need to be tested for COVID-19 weekly and show proof of a negative test result.
  • Support workers who do not provide direct care to residents must verbally attest to having received a negative COVID-19 test result in the past two weeks and not subsequently tested positive.

Read more in the memo from the Ministry of Long-Term Care & the Long-Term Care (LTC) Home Surveillance Testing FAQs.

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