Mission, Vision, Values

The Mission, Vision, and Values guide Family Councils Ontario in its work across the province. We use them to set our goals, plan our work, and evaluate our progress. They inform every aspect of what we do and how we do it.

Our Mission

Leading and supporting families in improving quality of life in long-term care.

Our Vision

People in long-term care have a vibrant experience and the best care.

Our Goals

  • Cultivate Effective Family Councils
    • Build the capacity of Family Council members to develop and nurture strong and effective Councils
    • Promote a collaborative and effective relationship amongst Family Councils, long-term care homes and community partners
  • Advance Public Policy & System Planning
    • Seek opportunities to inform policy to improve the quality of life in long-term care
    • Foster partnerships and relationships to increase impact
  • Mobilize Knowledge Exchange
    • Enable sharing of information, experience, ideas and expertise
    • Engage in research and knowledge exchange
    • Create tools and resources which empower families

Our Values

  • Building capacity: We value and celebrate the perspectives and contributions that Family Council members bring. We are committed to providing information and supports that build their capacity to effectively advocate on behalf of people living in LTC.
  • Strong engagement: We actively seek ways to welcome and engage stakeholders through engagement strategies that ensure that diverse perspectives will inform our work.
  • Diversity: we embrace diversity in all its forms, including gender, age, ability, disability, race, gender identity and language in our programs and services and support collaboration and mutual respect amongst residents and their families.
  • Constant learning: We continuously learn from our successes and mistakes and then apply them to do even better in our future endeavours. We regularly seek out feedback from Family Councils and other key stakeholders.
  • Meaningful collaborations: We form and then actively nurture meaningful collaborations in order to leverage resources and increase our impact.
  • Integrity: We are open and honest in all of our dealings and communications. We employ ethical oversight, and ensure that information is timely, appropriate and clear.
  • Evidence informed: We believe that diverse sources of knowledge should inform our work. We are committed to mobilizing knowledge generation and exchange for this purpose.
  • Good decision-making: We are rigorous in our decision-making processes. This means that we will be creative, thoughtful and decisive and are prepared to make tough decisions.