An introduction & poem

by Carol Lemen, FCO Placement Student

Hi, my name is Carol Lemen and I am a placement student with Family Council Ontario. I am a part time student working towards my Bachelor of Social Work at Toronto Metropolitan University. I am an older cis gendered woman who works full time for Toronto Employment and Social Services as a Caseworker and prior to that I worked for Opportunity for Advancement for eleven years as a Group Facilitator for women’s groups.

I have always had a love of learning and made the decision to return to Toronto Metropolitan University to complete my Bachelor of Social Work. When I applied to university I had no idea that we would be entering a pandemic which would mean that my courses would be virtual.

I have two adult daughters, and three grandchildren and one on the way. I also recently made the decision to have my mother move in with me as she is 91 and has dementia. I am her primary informal caregiver. She currently has 3 Personal Support Workers that come and go throughout the day to help her with toileting, dressing and eating.

I am excited to be completing my placement at FCO and will be working with Liane assisting her in researching and writing a document for new families entering Long Term Care.

In my spare time I enjoy puzzles especially the large piece puzzles as my eyesight is not what it used to be. I also write poetry and hope to one day see them in print.

Here is a poem that I wrote recently on homelessness and Dementia.

Annie is I

Written by: Carol Lemen

Annie is I

Born 1931

Dementia have I

Sitting in my chair all day not moving

Not even to pee

Incontinent am I

Cannot remember your name

Cannot remember the day

Dementia and homeless as I

Annie is I

Born 1931

Homeless have I

Wrapped in my blanket all day and night

Depends I need

Or a place where I can pee

Cannot remember where I live

Cannot remember the street

Homeless and lonely am I

Annie is I

Born 1931

Lonely have I

No one to visit or friends to have tea

Tokens I need

To ride the bus to keep me warm

Meet some friends

Not too many of us around

Lonely and broke am I

Annie is I

Born 1931

Broke have I

No money to pay for a phone

Phone card I need

To talk to some friends

If I could remember their names

No CPP never worked

Broke and ashamed am I

Annie is I

Born 1931

Ashamed have I

My fault to blame me

Hospital I need

Or PSW to care for me

All because

Homeless am I with

No money, no friends, no house, no bus

Dementia am I

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