International Volunteer Day (December 5th)

by C.J., Placement Student

Each year on December 5th, people all over the world celebrate the incredible and vital work that volunteers do for our society on the basis of passion for the work they are doing. In the long-term care sector, volunteerism is an integral component of the smooth functioning of the various facilities and in providing quality care to the residents who live there. Volunteers in long-term care homes are constantly working to provide the best experience possible for the residents who live there (York Region, 2022). Some jobs include organizing special events, spending one-on-one time with the residents, and assisting in various jobs within the home (York Region, 2022). On top of this, volunteers in the long-term care sector often come together to work internally to provide peer support and education and to improve the functioning and quality of care in these various homes (FCO, n.d.). This is the work of the family council, which plays an essential role in creating the best possible experience for those in the home. Family councils comprise passionate relatives and caregivers of individuals in long-term care homes (FCO, n.d.). These remarkable individuals dedicate their time to ensure that the home provides the best care possible to its residents.

Furthermore, when someone takes on the role of the caregiver to their loved one who requires care, it is hard work and often voluntary. This work is an incredible dedication and demonstrates characteristics needed to volunteer, like selflessness and compassion.

The long-term care sector benefits tremendously from the help, time, and insights of volunteers from the community. Whether it be forming a family council, organizing special events for residents in a home, or providing care to a loved one, the help of volunteers is appreciated, recognized, and needed.


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