Advancing Oversight and Planning in Ontario's Health System (Updates from the Ministry of Health)

by FCO

The Ministry of Health has recently shared information with sector partners on recent developments regarding the oversight of Personal Support Workers (PSWs) in Ontario.

This week the government introduced the Bill “Advancing Oversight and Planning in Ontario’s Health System Act, 2021”. Schedule 2 of this Bill would enact the Health and Supportive Care Providers Oversight Authority Act, 2021 to create the Health and Supportive Care Providers Oversight Authority (Authority) and set out its objects and powers.

If the bill is passed, a new framework would be implemented to provide structured oversight to individuals who apply for registration with the Authority in the personal support worker registration class. The new Authority will assist with advancing PSW education, training and standards of practice.

Please see below important highlights from the recently shared information:

  • This Authority would not be a new agency of government, but instead a standalone regulatory body
  • In the future, this Authority may be asked to oversee professions, however no decisions have been made yet on additional professions to be overseen
  • This new approach provides a system of oversight that ensures the public interest is protected. It will be designed to recognize regulation should be proportionate, consistent, targeted, transparent, accountable, and agile in providing oversight to the professions governed.
  • The proposed Bill contains the necessary elements needed to establish the Authority, such as its responsibilities, powers, and accountabilities.
  • If the Bill is passed, the next steps would be to establish the Authority with its interim Board and to begin development of the regulations.
  • The Ministry will be seeking the insights of key sector partners and stakeholders to develop regulations which will aid in creating and implementing the Authority’s registration and complaints processes, code of ethics, etc.

The Bill also contains other sections including three schedules pertaining to vaccination reporting, the regulation of physician assistants, and the regulation of behavior analysis.

FCO is excited to hear more developments on enhancing oversight and system planning across the province and hope these proposals will further improve the Personal Support Work field progressively. Stay up to date on Ministry and sector news by subscribing to our ebulletins & checking our website!

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