March 9, 2022- Pandemic Response Updates – Easing of Measures

by Ministry of Long-Term Care

In consultation with the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, the Ministry of Long-Term Care is pleased to announce further easing of the temporary measures that were put in place during the Omicron wave. We are continuing to move forward with a view to achieving the right balance between the risk of COVID-19 infection and supporting overall resident quality of life, health and wellbeing based on the current pandemic situation.

The attached Associate Deputy Minister memo (and supporting documents) provide information regarding changes to public health measures that come into effect on March 14, 2022. These changes include shifting to a guidance-based approach to support long-term care homes with employer-led immunization policies, updating the testing directive to reflect the latest advice of public health experts, as well as adjusting measures related to visitors, resident absences and resident cohorting. The following documents are available for your review:

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