New Resource: Dying With Dignity Webinar Series for Families & Caregivers in LTC

by Leah Cabral, Communications Manager

Presented by Dying With Dignity and Family Councils Ontario.

It is said that dying is easy, but living is hard. That topic can launch hours of debate, but one thing is certain: dying can be easier if you make decisions ahead of time. Discuss and plan for what you want or don’t want before you reach your life's end stage.

We answer difficult questions and help you feel empowered about end-of-life choices. Experienced volunteers lead our presentations and will help you be organized, in control, and at peace.

Advanced Care Planning

This session empowers families and caregivers by helping them plan for serious injury, illness, and end of life including what, why, when, and how of Advance Care Planning, how to select a Substitute Decision-Maker, and how to create an Advance Care Plan

Discussing End-Of-Life Options in LTC

In a society where end-of-life care is becoming increasingly complex, this session will provide you with an overview of your end-of-life choices in Ontario today.

Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) in LTC

Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) has been legal in Canada since 2016 and the legislation has recently been amended. Have you wondered who is eligible and what the process entails? This 30-minute presentation will provide a brief history of how MAID came into law; outline eligibility criteria as well as the application and assessment process; and describe what is next for existing legislation. A conversation with a resource person will follow; you are encouraged to send questions ahead of the presentation.

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